Receive SMS on virtual online numbers - SMS activation service / super service.

Rent of 20 minutes - Unlimited SMS reception when purchasing a service. (No need to pay for each SMS!).

Frequent sim updates (every day, several times).

Ability to provide from 15,000 to 30,000 new Sims per day.

All rooms are sold exclusively and fundamentally in one hand for a specific social network / service.

You pay only for the message, if the sms did not come to the number, the money is return to the balance.

With us you can easily make money. We have a full-fledged referral program. And also, a referral program for third-party software developers.

Good quality simulators, modern software and hardware made the service the fastest in the world.

Years of experience providing sms services in Asia. Currently, we are working hard to develop our services to other countries in the CIS region and Europe.

Prices are only from 2 rubles to 5 rubles for most SMS, VKontakte, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Facebook, .. got super speed codes.

API based on Multiple streams possible.

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